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This is a bit delayed but whatever….

We went to see Washed Out and Small Black play in Brighton about a month ago. Apart from the power getting cut in to Ernest’s second song it was a great gig. I thought Small Black sounded really good live and they played a new song which I’m eager to hear when that gets recorded. Then not too long after I saw Washed Out (helped out by the guys from Small Black) play live in Paris. It was outside, next to the canal, great weather and free! As it was their last performance playing together they finished their set with Wased Out’s remix of Dispicable Dogs (by Small Black) which was out on their split 7.

Photos by Dominique Hilliard

Below check out Washed Out’s most recent song.

Washout Out – You And I


If you’ve listened to what’s been said about musicians such as Toro y Moi, Washed Out and so on… you’ll most likely have heard them being referred to as something along the lines of “SXSW hype soon to be forgotten”.

If it didn’t show his depth and creativity enough being featured in the esteemed magazine ‘The Wire‘ this month just see for yourself what this guy can do in a couple of hours at San Francisco’s Different Fur Studios. [Filmed by Yours Truly]

We posted a piece about Phillip Oskar Augustine aka Tyler Wallace after I heard his jams on myspace early december and thought they were dope. Head Underwater recently heard him, passed it on to Gorilla Vs Bear and then finally Pitchfork posted a piece. I’m totally psyched that P.O.A is getting all this press, his music is really great and from a few conversions with him he’s an awesome guy. [We never received any high-fives from the big sites for blogging first, but it’s not about that, it’s about the music.]

He is currently getting everything ready to release his 8-track long album ‘Unknown Patterns’ on CD-R and hopefully, shortly after followed as a tape release. The album artwork will be up on his blog in the next few days so keep checking in.

Washed Out and Toro Y Moi are playing some instruments on a few of the tracks off the upcoming record.

Here’s track by Tyler that doesn’t seem like it’s going to be on the release but it’s a really great track.

Phillip Oskar Augustine – Amanda

Platform + Ernest Greene ( aka Washed Out) have got together and released:

Mixtape VII – The Fantastic Symphony

It’s a beautiful Mixtape with equally wonderful artwork (designed by Mark Weaver).

Washed Out’s discusses the mixtape:

“I was reading about Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique and felt really inspired. I’ve never heard the actual symphony, but the mix I made was how I imagined it to be. Perhaps a more modern version?

The mix is meant to narrate different episodes of one continuous dream. My dreams have a life-like quality to them, but are always skewed in really subtle ways. That is the way I think of most of these songs.”

Here is the DOWNLOAD

Another wonderful product of Columbia, South Carolina.

Introducing: Phillip Oskar Augustine

Phillip Oskar Augustine or Tyler Wallace (real name) creates a nice combination of dreamy, surf, pop and folk. Each track swims into a different aural link for me.

His track Internal Combustion of his concept album Unknown Patterns carries a heavy presence of the Panda Bear style where as Arrival at the Purple Stone carries the classical stylings of a Grizzly Bear track. Anyway, I hate over analysis of new bands to current bands so I will stop.

Here is one of my personal favourites and one he has made a free download on his blog:

Phillip Oskar Augustine – Internal Combustion


Guess who played the rhythm synth on this track….

……10 points! [washed out]

Ok, so here is the story I wanted to blog something that wasn’t Toro Y Moi or Washed Out because it is apparent that both of us talk about them a lot.

So I was listening to this great track I have by this guy called Lee Weather…. found out Lee Weather is Washed Out‘s “rock alter-ego”.

When I’m not listening to these guys I am actually still listening to these guys.

Anyway here is Lee Weather – I Saw Eternity the Other Night

UWT recently had the remix of Despicable Dogs by Washed Out up here. Now the original song by Small Black has a video to it too. Great song on a great EP. Looking forward to hear more from Small Black.

Something to warm up the Winter:
What a perfect combo, one of the songs of the year by Neon Indian with a video made by Washed Out’s Ernest Greene showing some out-of-sight beach game skills.
(we acknowledge it is another Washed Out, again)

Confusing title? Well it’s basically saying some of my favourite music and artists from the summer are in some sort of remix fest together and here they are.

Firstly, Washed Out. If you haven’t heard his stuff you need to get on it. His Life of Leisure EP is amazing and other stuff out on his tape release High Times is all well worth checking out. MYSPACE HERE Here’s a recent video put to one one of my favourite tracks by him, ‘Feel It All Around‘.

And now for a remix of Small Black by Washed out.

Small Black – Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)

And now for a remix of Washed Out (Feel It All Around) by Toro Y Moi. (Original song on the video above)

Washed Out – Feel It All Around (Toro Y Moi Remix)

Check out our interview with Toro Y Moi here. Since then he has also had a release out on Carpark Records.

Also I quite enjoyed Phoenix’s last album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and as we’re on the subject I just so happen to have a remix of the song Love Like a Sunset by… (oh yes….)  Animal Collective.

Phoenix – Love Like a Sunset (Animal Collective Remix)

And yes another remix bonus. I first noticed Bibio when he remixed Clark’s – Ted track. Which was a pretty cool cover using plcuky layered guitars to recreate the same melody. He then remixed a song by Epic 45 which is a lovely little tune. His release on Warp recently was also very good and worth checking out. But the remix I’m going to put up is his little remix of Boards of Canada.

Boards of Canada Kaini Industries (Bibio Remix)

Washed Out has been previously mentioned on Underwater Tiger with his song Feel It All Around. Now that tune and some other favourites have been put out on the Life Of Leisure EP.   Get it.

WASHED OUT MYSPACE Washed Out - Life Of Leisure


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