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Seeing Chromeo live in Brighton a while back, after Fancy Footwork came out, was such a fun night. So I highly recommend it and now you have your chance as they’re on tour (and with Neon Indian too!). A couple of new tracks can be heard on their myspace where you can also see a list of tour dates. The new songs are Don’t Turn The Light On and a Green Label Sound single release Night By Night with a video below. (Take notes for some good moves)


I’m loving Delorean’s album Subiza especially with this good weather. Check out the video for Stay Close.

You can also hear a live studio performance by Delorean on BBC Radio 6 Music here – (about 1hr40 in to it)

In celebration of the release of Coma Cinema‘s album “Stoned Alone” [1st June] they have an amazing video for their track “Only“.

The record is released on cassette and as a digital download for $5 it’s a steal. Click the album art to buy it.

Coma Cinema – Only

The video for Here We Go Magic‘s – ‘Collector‘ off the new album ‘Pigeons‘, directed by Nat Livingston Johnson and shot on the JVC Videomovie camera from 1984.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This guy Jordan Bee did something similar with an old video-camera to film one of Toro y Moi’s early shows around 6 months ago. Check it out.

If you’ve listened to what’s been said about musicians such as Toro y Moi, Washed Out and so on… you’ll most likely have heard them being referred to as something along the lines of “SXSW hype soon to be forgotten”.

If it didn’t show his depth and creativity enough being featured in the esteemed magazine ‘The Wire‘ this month just see for yourself what this guy can do in a couple of hours at San Francisco’s Different Fur Studios. [Filmed by Yours Truly]

We received another beautifully shot video from the guys at Extraneous Noise. This time of Neon Indian at Great Scott in Allston, MA playing the track ‘Should have taken acid with you’ as I’m sure you all know it’s off the debut LP Psychic Chasms.

Neon Indian know how to do it live; electronic music brought to life through analogue synths, live instrumentation, a full band and awesome sweatshirts (plus I didn’t see a laptop!)

Check out the rest of Extraneous Noise‘s video catalogue here for more brilliant bands playing in the Boston area.

Side note: If you’re in Boston and want a decent Guinness and to watch Arsenal go to Emmet’s, it was winner!

The South Carolina collective have updated their website with the artwork to their full-length album titled ‘Stoned Alone‘:

The release date is still [TBA] but I will keep you informed as to when are where you can pick it up, as far as I’m aware it will be a vinyl release [yes!].

For the mean time check out five exclusive tracks off their up coming release on their Myspace, they are titled ‘Lindsey‘, ‘Black Birthday Cake‘, ‘In Lieu of Flowers‘, ‘Caroline‘ and ‘Stupid Blood‘. If you only have time to listen to one, I recommend ‘Stupid Blood‘.

If you haven’t seen it yet here’s the ‘Flower pills‘ video. Every time I watch it I end up watching the whole thing, that means it’s fucking awesome.

Don’t be the last to hear it first!

Directed by Jon Casey, Toro Y Moi‘s video for the track ‘Blessa‘ takes you through, what must be, a typical Columbia, SC house party for these guys. Watching this video I can just feel the warm summer evening vibes holding any container that can hold beer.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Great interview

I really dig the track as a slow-jam version, especially while he’s rocking those Jazzy Jeff glasses.

Not a particularly new video since it looks like he’s still sporting his broken arm in this.

According to a recent interview they are recording (as the new trio) this month so will probably have something out very soon.

I will keep you all updated.

I have always wanted to own this synth so I could make music like Blade Runner.

Philippe Zdar who is one half of the French House Music duo Cassius and for those of you who weren’t aware he produced the latest Phoenix album Wolfgang Amadeus, the production on it is out of this world. I hope the record doesn’t become more of an irritation after all the advert play it has had. Just like what happened to The Killers, but in all honesty I never dug their stuff anyway.

There are a few related promo videos along side it of how he went about producing the album. For all you geeky electronic nerds (like myself) check out all the vintage outboard gear. He’s got Pultecs and Neve channel strips racked up on the wall behind him.


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