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The ‘Leave Everywhere‘ 7″ is due out on Carpark on 19th July 2010 (EU) 20th July (USA)

Ditching the “bedroom, iMac, MIDI controller, Reason” vibe and embracing Phil Spector tape saturation and echo chamber vibe. Even though I’m not a huge fan of Mark Ronson for obvious reasons [watch this], he did record some nice “vintage sounding” stuff (or should I say The Dap Kings did) following suit Chaz has nailed that sound on this new track.

Toro y Moi – Leave Everywhere


After having played out the Toro y MoiCausers of This‘ vinyl I wanted to hear some other tracks by Chaz Bundick so I’ve been listening to another of this side projects aptly named ‘Sides of Chaz‘, which on occasions meanders between a head nod to the Brian WilsonSmiley Smile‘ saga, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and almost goes as left as Mr. Bungle (end of Goodbye Raven).

Sides of Chaz – Pitchers

The video for Here We Go Magic‘s – ‘Collector‘ off the new album ‘Pigeons‘, directed by Nat Livingston Johnson and shot on the JVC Videomovie camera from 1984.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This guy Jordan Bee did something similar with an old video-camera to film one of Toro y Moi’s early shows around 6 months ago. Check it out.

If you’ve listened to what’s been said about musicians such as Toro y Moi, Washed Out and so on… you’ll most likely have heard them being referred to as something along the lines of “SXSW hype soon to be forgotten”.

If it didn’t show his depth and creativity enough being featured in the esteemed magazine ‘The Wire‘ this month just see for yourself what this guy can do in a couple of hours at San Francisco’s Different Fur Studios. [Filmed by Yours Truly]

Off his recent release ‘Causers of This‘ the brand new video to the track ‘Talamak’

Directed by Jon Casey and shot in Columbia, South Carolina

carparkrecords | toroymoi | joncasey

Back in January I posted about a remix by the Brooklyn based Body Language of the Toro y Moi track – “Timed Pleasure”

It was one of the best remixes I’ve heard in a long time and now it seems Toro y Moi has returned the favour remixing “At A Glance” off their ‘Speaks EP‘.

Toro’s remix swells with a positive nostalgia, it’s really beautiful blurred warm synths, silky backgrounds with those softly sung close mic’d Joao Gilberto style vocals mix together and will fill your speakers with those rays of light that cut through your curtain in the morning where you can see tiny specks of dust floating around.

The remix was another instalment of their upcoming ‘remixed’ EP of their début ‘Speaks‘ which is soon to drop and will feature Yes Giantess, Machinedrum, Shuttle, and Toro Y Moi among others.

Body Language – At A Glance (Toro y Moi Remix)

They will be dropping another remix very shortly and I cannot wait, I hope it lives up to the last.

Toro Y Moi interviews Kid Trails… sorta

Directed by Jon Casey (who Directed the Blessa Video)

CD/LP/iTunes – Worldwide

So here’s the news. Toro‘s album “Causers of This” is being released on 02.02.2010.

Car Park have already announced he will have another record finished and released by August 2010. Dope.

I love his stuff and already can’t wait to see what progressions he will make for the August release. I hope he releases some of his Les Sins tracks this year, they have a similar vocal pattern to the Toro Y Moi vocals and their is a definite vibe they both share. It is like a 128 bpm, French House, Dance Floor version of Toro.

Les Sins – Lina

Body Language have remixed Toro Y Moi‘s track ‘Timed Pleasure and it’s just plain great.

I was listening to Chicago when I came across this and it was actually a nice musical continuation, I’m so glad it wasn’t another “squashed to shit remix”, I love that this mix has really great dynamics to it. High Five to the Brooklyn group! Their music is definitely on my playlist.


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