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So Warp records signed, Australian band, Pivot have change their name to PVT. They said on myspace  – We were issued with a cease and desist letter a couple of months ago from a US band using the same name informing us that we were infringing upon a registered US trademark which they had recently acquired.

So PVT have a new album coming out titled Church With No Magic. I loved their first album (O Soundtrack My Heart) and then on the Warp 20 release they had a new track called The Quick Mile (and also a brillian cover of Grizzly Bear’s ‘Colorado’), on there which sounds great. The new album is called Church With No Magic and comes out July 19th in Australia and August 9th Worldwide.

Check out the awesome first person video for a new song called Window.


Colorado by Grizzly Bear is an amazing track at the end of Yellow House (their first album). Pivot have covered it for the Warp20 Recreated release.

Its great.

Pivot – Colorado (Originally by Grizzly Bear)


Pivot - O Soundtrack My Heart

The awesome Australian trio, Pivot, had their release O Soundtrack My Heart out on Warp in august last year. I loved it. I’ve still not had the pleasure of seeing them live. But they have some live dates coming up at Bestival and another at White Heat in London. I think I might have to get on that. Especially as Warp are saying….

“As they put the finishing touches to their new album due to be released in early 2010, Pivot return to Europe for a handful of live dates including their first tour of the USA. The band have been hard at work in the studio in Sydney over recent months and will certainly be airing some new material at their shows.”

Can’t wait.

Pivot’s Myspace

Check out the the track O Soundtrack My Heart live below.


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