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Seeing Chromeo live in Brighton a while back, after Fancy Footwork came out, was such a fun night. So I highly recommend it and now you have your chance as they’re on tour (and with Neon Indian too!). A couple of new tracks can be heard on their myspace where you can also see a list of tour dates. The new songs are Don’t Turn The Light On and a Green Label Sound single release Night By Night with a video below. (Take notes for some good moves)


The clothing company loved by most urbanites has strangely enough done a featured artist section on California Surf-Noise-Pop. Sweat shop or not you get to download here track “This Is Real” for free so get on it!

Best Coast – This Is Real


According to his blog Toro Y Moi‘s first release with Car Park RecordsCausers of This has been pushed to the new date of


Now because that is an american date I’m not sure if that’s d/m/y or m/d/y so the release date is still a mystery. (supposed to be a joke, sounds a bit xenophobic)

Pre-order it here:



Shame it’s not coming out on cassette, I was going to by a banging new deck this winter.


Another wonderful product of Columbia, South Carolina.

Introducing: Phillip Oskar Augustine

Phillip Oskar Augustine or Tyler Wallace (real name) creates a nice combination of dreamy, surf, pop and folk. Each track swims into a different aural link for me.

His track Internal Combustion of his concept album Unknown Patterns carries a heavy presence of the Panda Bear style where as Arrival at the Purple Stone carries the classical stylings of a Grizzly Bear track. Anyway, I hate over analysis of new bands to current bands so I will stop.

Here is one of my personal favourites and one he has made a free download on his blog:

Phillip Oskar Augustine – Internal Combustion


Guess who played the rhythm synth on this track….

……10 points! [washed out]

Finally, the wait is almost over.

After a monster tour with Animal Collective it has become apparent that Noah Lennox is ready to release a rapid fire of songs on his next Panda Bear record.
It seems, as it always is with the members of Animal Collective, it is time for change. He has decided to ditch the samplers and long interwoven tracks sprawling several meditative beautiful minutes and, according to Noah, “do like 45s , with singles of two songs like an a-side and a b-side which are both pretty short.”
From the sounds of things it will be a very different structure with an entirely new instrumentation line-up and structural working.

Below is a cover by Panda Bear of The Notwist song Boneless.
I hope his new record sounds like this!

Panda Bear – Boneless(NoTwist)


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