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So we went to see Neon Indian live at Camp Basement in London and it was excellent. Nice to see a full band recreating the songs live (and very well) rather than some laptop twiddling. They played an excellent show and then to top it off, for the encore, they played Alan’s other stuff under the name of VEGA (myspace) which I can’t stop listening to at the moment, especially when its nice weather.

And in other news of the Neon Indian variety. There is a new video for Sleep Paralysist.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We received another beautifully shot video from the guys at Extraneous Noise. This time of Neon Indian at Great Scott in Allston, MA playing the track ‘Should have taken acid with you’ as I’m sure you all know it’s off the debut LP Psychic Chasms.

Neon Indian know how to do it live; electronic music brought to life through analogue synths, live instrumentation, a full band and awesome sweatshirts (plus I didn’t see a laptop!)

Check out the rest of Extraneous Noise‘s video catalogue here for more brilliant bands playing in the Boston area.

Side note: If you’re in Boston and want a decent Guinness and to watch Arsenal go to Emmet’s, it was winner!

Neon Indian

“I wanted to find some good channel to put out a single that can start hinting at where the next Neon Indian album will go”

According to Gorilla Vs Bear the single was co-produced by PalomoChris Taylor of Grizzly Bear.

It sounds great and Mountain Dew tates great…. mmmmm the Pepsi Co.

Neon Indian – “Sleep Paralysist”


Neon Indian play a collection of their Psychic Chasms tracks at Daytrotter‘s Rock Island, Illinois HQ.

The tracks include:

Deadbeat Summer (and as Gorilla vs Bear mentioned here is the original sample)

-Local Joke

-Ephemeral Artery

-Should have taken acid with you

And here is my personal favourite for the intro alone:

Neon Indian – Should have taken acid with you (Daytrotter Sessions)

On another note, I don’t know if anyone agrees but doesn’t Deadbeat Summer sound like the music from an Episode of Dr. Snuggles

…or was I the only one who watched that as a child. It was like acid for kids.

Something to warm up the Winter:
What a perfect combo, one of the songs of the year by Neon Indian with a video made by Washed Out’s Ernest Greene showing some out-of-sight beach game skills.
(we acknowledge it is another Washed Out, again)


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