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Lagoon – Right Now




A couple of weeks ago Blur released this new track as a free download from their website in exchange for your email address. I didn’t want to blog it straight away because I wasn’t sure if I’d dig it but having listen to it and wanting to listen to it more I think it’s great. Coming back with a over produced bang would have been shit, their down played “three-quarters finished” [Guardian] track is awesome.

We know recently we at UnderwaterTiger have been slightly AWOL but this should explain it all.

Teej (one half of UnderwaterTiger) has been working on a collection of new music.

Here is his brilliant ‘Thirst EP’

click image to download

Having locked himself away in a bunker in the snow in Hokkaido, Northern Japan over the winter he recently emerged all bleary eyed with his debut offering ‘Thirst EP‘.
It combines 2 of the main things that have made the UK the fine young swimmer she is today:

  • Glitchy drum programming and squelchy layered synths.
  • It sounds like a sun ravaged beach covered in snow.

The 4 track EP is available to download for free by clicking HERE.
There are 100 limited edition handmade CDRs available (with 1 exclusive bonus track) from HERE

Teej – Slow Motion Summit

New Here We Go Magic album out June 2010.

Get it here for free

Here We Go Magic – Collector

Via | Head Underwater (no relation, just an awesome blog)

This is really beautiful music.

If you play an instrument you will probably agree there are certain chords that resonate in a certain way with your body when you play them. It’s the craziest and best feeling when you get them.

Karen a.k.a Free Kisses [from Toronto, Canada] beautifully slides into those resonant chords. Her shimmering bed of circular chorus combined with her light but powerful chord progressions and beautiful voice really take you somewhere. That’s not easy an easy feat to accomplish, only two songs have made do that in the recent present:

the below track ‘Drifter Leisure’ by Free Kisses

and a track by Toro Y Moi called ‘It’s for you’ or ‘It39s for you’ [which I haven’t been able to acquire].

Free Kisses – Drifter Leisure

Sub Pop have released the Dum Dum Girl‘s track “Jail La La” [off the album ‘I Will Be] for a free download

Just under thirty minutes with eleven songs, it’s a short tribute to love, fun and the classic pop form of the ’60s girl groups and early punk rockers.

Dum Dum Girls – Jail La La


Domino Records have released the new Dirty Projectors 7″ ‘Ascending Melody‘ as a free download here

It features two previously unreleased tracks from the Bitte Orca Sessions

You can also buy the limited edition [Domino Mart exclusive] physical 7″ here

So, the much blogged about new Vampire Weekend | “Contra” has been released in the UK today and will release in the US tomorrow.

On first listen it is apparent that they have changed sonically, leaving the sparse and open instrumentation for a richer, fuller mix. They are still sticking to their West African roots but are trying out new things; auto-tune is one of them on the track ‘Diplomat’s Son‘. Straight away I prefer this album and with every listen I find more things about it that I do like, it definitely has a lot more to it than the first.

The intro to the track ‘Holiday’ sounds very much like a homage to The Clash, for more about their Clash love and references see the Album Facts below. Overall, I think it’s a fairly interesting turn for the Pencey Prep boys and I think it may grow on me, it definitely carries a more interesting structure as opposed to the first album, so their is room for it to grow on people, but as RollingStone put it so well, they are still

“rich white boys in obnoxious shirts fumbling around with West African rhythms”

and I think it’s going to be tough to ditch that, no matter how much they like The Clash.

On a side note:

If they wanted to, they could quite easily re-write the music for the Lion King and I think they would do a damn fine job of it.

Album Facts:

  • The album name is either a reference to the 1980s video game of the same name or a reference to The Clash who’s album name ‘Sandinista’ derives from the Nicaraguan left-wingers, The Contras being the oppositonary right-winged militant group
  • The track ‘Diplomat’s Son’ samples the track ‘Hussel’ by M.I.A
  • The lyrics of ‘I Think Ur a Contra’ Koenig ryhms “Rock and Roll” with “Complete Control”, which is…. you guessed it! The name of a single by The Clash (1977)
  • Vampire Weekend like The Clash

Vampire Weekend – Diplomat’s Son

I really dig the track as a slow-jam version, especially while he’s rocking those Jazzy Jeff glasses.

Not a particularly new video since it looks like he’s still sporting his broken arm in this.

According to a recent interview they are recording (as the new trio) this month so will probably have something out very soon.

I will keep you all updated.

Andrew Cedermark released a 7″ back in November with record label Underwaterpeoples (catchy name).

The 7″ was a four track release, two tracks by Andrew Cedermark the other two by Family Portrait. Check out their track of the ep called Mega Secrets.

Buy it here

He gives a brief biography on his MySpace page

I live in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am from Glen Rock, New Jersey.

His uniquely beautiful songs noisily washed through my speakers and at that moment I knew you would all dig his jams as much as I do.

Here is my favorite track off the 7″ (or as he so well put it; his “three and a half inches of lyrics”)

Hard Livin’

If you dig this you may also dig this: Dr Dog and Ghosty.

I hung out with Dr Dog over in Cape Cod a few years back, they were awesome guys with great soul to their music. The last thing I remember of that night was Conan from the band Baker tumbling down a sand dune then stepping on a bunch of guitars whilst handing other peoples beers out, spreading the love.


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