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Lagoon – Right Now




Got a copy of the debut EP ‘Cliff‘ by Edmonton, Canada’s Kumon Plaza a couple of weeks ago on its release. The 7 track EP is essential 8-bit synth pop, but DO NOT FEAR! Although this “retro-fit” genre has become a common ground for anyone from your teenage neighbour with a cracked copy of fruityloops all the way to terrible bands such as Hadouken, what is abundantly different about Kumon Plaza to the prior mentioned “musicians” is he knows how to write music and he delicately constructs melodies into nostalgic synthetic instrumentation. His songs could easily be orchestrated for real instrumentation but what I really enjoyed about the EP was the depth to the structure played on simple sine waves and linndrum sounding rythmns layered with intricate samples that conjured up an compelling nostalgia. This one is not to be overlooked.


Kumon Plaza – Hans Kruger

A couple of weeks ago Blur released this new track as a free download from their website in exchange for your email address. I didn’t want to blog it straight away because I wasn’t sure if I’d dig it but having listen to it and wanting to listen to it more I think it’s great. Coming back with a over produced bang would have been shit, their down played “three-quarters finished” [Guardian] track is awesome.

We know recently we at UnderwaterTiger have been slightly AWOL but this should explain it all.

Teej (one half of UnderwaterTiger) has been working on a collection of new music.

Here is his brilliant ‘Thirst EP’

click image to download

Having locked himself away in a bunker in the snow in Hokkaido, Northern Japan over the winter he recently emerged all bleary eyed with his debut offering ‘Thirst EP‘.
It combines 2 of the main things that have made the UK the fine young swimmer she is today:

  • Glitchy drum programming and squelchy layered synths.
  • It sounds like a sun ravaged beach covered in snow.

The 4 track EP is available to download for free by clicking HERE.
There are 100 limited edition handmade CDRs available (with 1 exclusive bonus track) from HERE

Teej – Slow Motion Summit

Neon Indian

“I wanted to find some good channel to put out a single that can start hinting at where the next Neon Indian album will go”

According to Gorilla Vs Bear the single was co-produced by PalomoChris Taylor of Grizzly Bear.

It sounds great and Mountain Dew tates great…. mmmmm the Pepsi Co.

Neon Indian – “Sleep Paralysist”


The UK’s answer to chillwave is finally here (its not chillwave is just our answer to it, I will explain my theory). Smattered with hints of Prince guitar stabs and falsetto harmonies, driven by Dilla drums and that slap-back echo vocal Jai Paul makes totally amazing jams.

When I say the UK’s answer to chillwave it’s because, for one, 21 year old Jai is commin outta Rayners Lane in LDN  but also it’s not quite the usual friendly and warm chillwave we all know and love it’s got that hard british edge, the bass-lines have got that dubstep LFO going on but in a totally good way (we all know dubsteps heading in the way of drum’n’bass…. getting left behind while the echos of its sound still occasionally haunt us as we walk past nightclubs with 90s hippies) and also his vocal lines and lyric topics are totally British.

Don’t click the banner, click the download link below

His track BTSTU had me shouting “HOLY SHIT this is good” when I first heard it, I hope it does the same for you.

Jai Paul – BTSTU


So yesterday Phillip Oskar AugustineUnknown Patterns was released on cassette with Bathetic Records.


Phillip writes amazing music that’s got so many influences wrapped up that people are trying their best to put into words, the best way to figure it out is just to listen to the music. He is being blogged about by all the small and large blogs, get your hands on this one while you can.

The artwork looks amazing and the album does equally sound as great as it looks.

He has released the track off the album titled ‘Only Bleeding‘ for free download. It’s dope, lap it up!

Phillip Oskar Augustine – Only Bleeding


——————–> Buy the rest of the album HERE <——————–

Girls have covered the beautiful albeit slightly despondent Skeeter Davis song “The End of the World”

Their cover gives a nice dreamy feel and slower tempo to the track. It’s pretty strange actually if you think about how covers usually work, the cover is usually a faster, cleaner and generally soulless version of a great echo soaked 50s/60s track. Because of the way bands are emulating that era’s echo and reverb wash, this cover has flipped that theory on its head. We have finally reached a time where tracks have more reverb that the 60s. Soon we’ll try off the dry signal altogether or perhaps we’re about to go the opposite direction and embark on that warm and dry 70s soft rock sound.

Girls – The End of the World


In anticipation and promotion of their upcoming album ‘Swim‘ set for release on the 20th April in North America [Merge] and (as always it is released a day earlier everywhere else) 19th April [City Slang] Caribou have released the track ‘Odessa‘ for free download; getting you hooked with the first hit for free, just like crack.

The track also has a beautiful music video created by Video Marsh. They work so well together they seem as if they were made in synchronisation with one and other.


SHAARK – Brightlightss


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