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Neon Indian

“I wanted to find some good channel to put out a single that can start hinting at where the next Neon Indian album will go”

According to Gorilla Vs Bear the single was co-produced by PalomoChris Taylor of Grizzly Bear.

It sounds great and Mountain Dew tates great…. mmmmm the Pepsi Co.

Neon Indian – “Sleep Paralysist”



Toro Y Moi interviews Kid Trails… sorta

Directed by Jon Casey (who Directed the Blessa Video)

The guys were recently on the Australian radio station ‘Triple J‘ (where my hilarious cousin Dave Callan is a DJ) and they performed a cover of the Hot Chip track ‘Boy From School’.

Listen to the radio interview here.

Grizzly Bear – Boy From School (Hot Chip)


Another wonderful product of Columbia, South Carolina.

Introducing: Phillip Oskar Augustine

Phillip Oskar Augustine or Tyler Wallace (real name) creates a nice combination of dreamy, surf, pop and folk. Each track swims into a different aural link for me.

His track Internal Combustion of his concept album Unknown Patterns carries a heavy presence of the Panda Bear style where as Arrival at the Purple Stone carries the classical stylings of a Grizzly Bear track. Anyway, I hate over analysis of new bands to current bands so I will stop.

Here is one of my personal favourites and one he has made a free download on his blog:

Phillip Oskar Augustine – Internal Combustion


Guess who played the rhythm synth on this track….

……10 points! [washed out]

Recently blogged on UWT a remix of The Notwist track Boneless by Panda Bear.
Now Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear remixed Boneless as a b-side for the upcoming Notwist single “Come In”.

The Notwist – Boneless (Grizzly Bear Remix)

Colorado by Grizzly Bear is an amazing track at the end of Yellow House (their first album). Pivot have covered it for the Warp20 Recreated release.

Its great.

Pivot – Colorado (Originally by Grizzly Bear)


Firstly I’d just like to say sorry for not writing anything up here for a while. Thanks for anyone checking it out and we’ll try and keep you a bit more updated with regular posts. We’ve both been working way too much. However, last night, we didn’t work…. We went to see an unbelievably amazing live show by GRIZZLY BEAR! It was so good. So good.                        Sooo good.

It was at the Koko in Camden, London. For those of you who haven’t been to a gig there. Do. It’s a sweet venue. (Actually… Deerhunter, Health and Crystal Antlers are playing there on the 24th of August. So that’s a pretty good excuse to go down there. We saw Deerhunter at Concorde2 in Brighton recently and it was really good.)

If you’ve not heard Grizzly Bear you can check them out here

You know that feeling when you’re at a gig, and at the time you think to yourself, ‘this is the best gig I have ever been to’. (Just me?) Well…. that happened. But I’m still thinking it now. Really was truly amazing. If they’re playing anywhere near you then I suggest you buy tickets before it sells out. I stupidly didn’t buy tickets to their live show coming up on October 31st at the Barbican where they are playing with the London Symphony Orchestra. (If anyone has tickets that you want to sell to me… please get in touch!!)

The sound was great. The set list was great. They opened with Southern Point (from Veckatimest) and then completely rinsed out songs like Colorado, Knife, Lullabye, While You Wait For The Others, Fine For Now and Two Weeks. Sounded so meaty and toight. At one point I thought they might be going on in to a cover of Jump by Van Halen. (Unfrotunately not…. but they should.).  I’ll stop going on about it and show you some photos.

Grizzly Bear live at London Koko 1

Grizzly Bear live at London Koko 2

Grizzly Bear live at London Koko 3

 Grizzly Bear live at the Koko 4

Grizzly Bear live at the Koko 5

Grizzly Bear live at the Koko 6

Grizzly Bear live at the Koko 7


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