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In celebration of the release of Coma Cinema‘s album “Stoned Alone” [1st June] they have an amazing video for their track “Only“.

The record is released on cassette and as a digital download for $5 it’s a steal. Click the album art to buy it.

Coma Cinema – Only


The South Carolina collective have updated their website with the artwork to their full-length album titled ‘Stoned Alone‘:

The release date is still [TBA] but I will keep you informed as to when are where you can pick it up, as far as I’m aware it will be a vinyl release [yes!].

For the mean time check out five exclusive tracks off their up coming release on their Myspace, they are titled ‘Lindsey‘, ‘Black Birthday Cake‘, ‘In Lieu of Flowers‘, ‘Caroline‘ and ‘Stupid Blood‘. If you only have time to listen to one, I recommend ‘Stupid Blood‘.

If you haven’t seen it yet here’s the ‘Flower pills‘ video. Every time I watch it I end up watching the whole thing, that means it’s fucking awesome.

Don’t be the last to hear it first!

We recently posted about their dope Album ‘Baby Prayers’ being up for a free download. They have finished the Music Video for my favourite track off the record ‘Flower Pills’, it was released yesterday:

The video is a really wonderful marriage with the music. Some of the shots are very powerful and engrossing, like the dilapidated door and cell window and the dog leaning out of the car window. I love dogs. The ending is really interesting, and compliments the track’s length being of a shorter length; the shots suggest the build-up to an epic celebration and then it cuts off just before it kicks in.

You can see more about these guys HERE and HERE

Download ‘Baby PrayersHERE

Happy New Year 2010ers!

To embrace and celebrate the new year, twenty-ten/ two-thousand-and-ten/ two-k-ten (however you have decided to pronounce it) Coma Cinema have a wonderful free album ‘Baby Prayers’ for you all.

Coma Cinema are a musical collective, another of which have emanated from Columbia SC, USA, which appears to be a city that is giving us all a seemingly endless stream of awe-inspiring music. I spoke with Mat from Coma Cinema very recently about this magical city, the collective and all their great musical acquaintances.

Mat on Coma Cinema:

“We’ve been recording and performing music on and off since 2005 with a very large cast of revolving musicians, it’s basically a collective with myself being the constant through out that time.  Lately we’ve been very focused though, compiling the Baby Prayers record early this year and taking trips to the surrounding areas and Eastern Canada to play shows and give away the compilation,  our line up has been consistent all year and we’re recording our first LP right now and are putting out a 7” in the next few weeks hopefully.”

We are greatly looking forward to the 7″ and I will keep you all updated as to when and where this will be available.

A couple of Coma Cinema’s friends/ acquaintances are Toro Y Moi and Phillip Oskar Augustine, how both hail from the same city and have been previously mentioned on underwatertiger.

First up Mat gave a brief run down about Toro Y Moi who is taking the blogs by storm and hopefully will be visiting us over in the UK now he has CarPark Records behind him.

Mat on Toro Y Moi:

“I met Chaz from Toro Y Moi while he was in college in Spartanburg, SC.  We played a few really cool shows with his band Heist and The Accomplice.  I remember when he first let me hear his Toro Y Moi side project, after a gig we played together, on his 4 track tape recorder. It’s totally awesome to see him blow up this way.  He’s an incredibly real and chill person, I’ve heard his full lengths set to come out this year and they’re sounding amazing.”

The full lengths he is talking about is the ‘Causers of This‘ record we recently mentioned has been pushed forward to be released on the 02.02.2010.

Mat on Phillip Oskar Augustine:

Phillip Oskar Augustine is really an online pal at the moment but we’re talking about getting together for some shows, we’re really just big fans of each other’s stuff.  The scene here is pretty supportive and positive and there is so much good stuff coming out of this area right now.”

To sum up, we should all move to Columbia, SC!

Here is my favourite track off the album:

Coma Cinema – Baby Prayers

Coma Cinema – Baby Prayers DOWNLOAD HERE

Check out their website for more info, more music and it’s a really great site.


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