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This is a bit delayed but whatever….

We went to see Washed Out and Small Black play in Brighton about a month ago. Apart from the power getting cut in to Ernest’s second song it was a great gig. I thought Small Black sounded really good live and they played a new song which I’m eager to hear when that gets recorded. Then not too long after I saw Washed Out (helped out by the guys from Small Black) play live in Paris. It was outside, next to the canal, great weather and free! As it was their last performance playing together they finished their set with Wased Out’s remix of Dispicable Dogs (by Small Black) which was out on their split 7.

Photos by Dominique Hilliard

Below check out Washed Out’s most recent song.

Washout Out – You And I


Yawning Gulf is Jack Ryder from Hove, UK. His self titled debut album Yawning Gulf‘ is a 15 track instrumental album recorded and mixed from a home studio, it is a 100 copy release, each CD case hand-finished.

album art

The music is refreshingly different to a lot of what is swirling into the music abyss at the moment. While an ocean of chillwave influenced scenesters are doing their best to live up to what the likes of Toro y Moi and co. have created Yawning Gulf has been working away creating a very unique musical journey of his own.

From simple guitar melodies that carry the stylings of a positive Elliott Smith through Japanese Forests to layer rich beach music that is a carried by a Pet Sounds influence. I really dig the subtle motifs that you hear left behind as the sounds fade out. A totally diverse album that feels as though it is almost autobiographical.

”A beautiful album of home-made instrumental ditties put together by Brighton producer/musician Jack Ryder. Using found sounds alongside ‘real’ instruments including piano & guitar, these are all relatively short pieces that bring to mind the heart-warming work of artists such as Tape or early Mum along with the playfulness of Hauschka. Much like the photo of a sun-kissed ranch in the middle of rolling hills & trees on the inside sleeve (taken by Ryder himself incidentally), these songs transport you somewhere well away from the hustle & bustle of the city to somewhere altogether more lovely. If you enjoy the sound experiments of any of the aforementioned, this is most definitely for you. Very highly recommended. Local” – Resident Records, Brighton.

You can buy the album HERE

Tarot Sport is their new album. They just had the single Surf Solar out and the radio edit played out on radio 6 music under the name Suck Buttons. But if you’re a Fuck Buttons fan, I think you’ll enjoy. If you’re a Brighton local they are playing live at Audio on September 27th. If not… they are also on a bit of a tour. So check out their MYSPACE for dates and to hear the new single. The album is out on October 5th in the UK and 20th in the USA. (It’s good)

fuck buttons

We recently were lucky enough to catch up with Seaside dwelling music producer, sound designer and all-round technological manipulator Brownian just before his Loop Festival Installation to chat about his latest EP, his touch-screen invention the ‘Duffular‘ and everything in between.

We were also lucky enough to get an exclusive track off his new EP entitled ‘The Most Popular Place on Earth‘ for free download off UnderwaterTiger. You heard it here first!

The Interview:


UnderwaterTiger – So, what got you into music?

Brownian – Boards of Canada, full stop.

UWT – That’s it?

Brownian – Yep, that’s it.

UWT – How do you go about writing and recording, do work from an inspiration of around a concept?

Brownian – No, not really. With the The Most Popular Place on Earth EP I just needed to make the EP within four days. It was all, kind of, improvised.

UWT – What did you use to make the EP?

Brownian – I used AudioRealism Drum Machine, which is like a 606, 808, 909 emulator. My toy, The Duffular and errr…… that was it.

UWT – What’s the Duffular?

Brownian – It’s a touch screen controller/ application/ device, which you loads samples into and it splits up the sample into 5 millisecond grains, then you construct out the compositions using various effects and processes, such as distortions and delays.

UWT – Sounds complicated!

Brownian – It’s quite complicated yeah…. *pauses* …. it’s not that complicated….

*Brownian looks confused*

UWT – What are you listening to at the moment?

Brownian – Whitney Houston

UWT – Which song?

Brownian – It’s called How Will I Know. It’s from the 1995 self-titled album, debut album. It’s a great tune, produced by Randy Jackson.

*a discussion about American Idol was carried out over the sax solo of How Will I Know*

UWT – What current music are you listening to?

Brownian – In general, I’m going through phases of not listening to anything and then listening to…. *thinks*

UWT – Everything?

Brownian – *laughs* Everything, yeah! If I’m making music I won’t listen to a single thing at all. I just can’t do it. If I spend a week getting up early and working on music I just won’t listen to anything at all that week. I’m either listening to nothing or really f**king bad music. Stuff like *flicks through his music collection* a bit of Deborah Cox.

UWT – Who would you say you would give kudos to in current music?

Brownian – In terms of inspiration for my EP, The Field, I guess. Tim Hecker, Fennesz, stuff like that.

UWT – Do you plan on playing live any time soon?

Brownian – No… Not with…. No… Not…. No.


UWT – Are you working on any more material? Can we expect an LP from the EP?

Brownian – Errr… we’ll see how things go. The next thing to do is to get it out there because at the moment it’s just sitting on my hard drive and not doing anything. But then it was never the objective as something I would promote after making it anyway. It was always just made to be an example of what can be done with the toy that I built.

(I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the hilarity of Brownian’s humble use of the word “toy” to describe his custom made, very complex, touch-screen application)

UWT – Do you want to pursue things with the “toy”?

Brownian – Yeah, but I want to work on another toy. The next patch I am working is a touch-screen sampler. I am well into touch-screen, i love it. The next patch is a touch-screen sampler, button-trigger device, like an MPD sort of thing, but touch-screen.

UWT – Can you give us some details on the track we have as an exclusive free download on UnderwaterTiger?

Brownian – It’s called Eight. It was called Method initially.

UWT – Is that anything to do with Crystal Meth?

Brownian – I did loads of Crystal Meth last week, I did loads when I was making the EP.

*many laughings/ much laughter*

UWT – Where can we get hold of the full EP and more of your music?

Brownian – There will be stuff on SoundCloud and MySpace very soon! Once the festival is out of the way.

UWT – Oh yeah! What are you going to be doing at Loop Festival?

Brownian – I will be showing the application, basically. I kind of want to finish the new drum machine thing off by then as well. It’s good because it was going to be outside in a tent but they have moved it inside due to the weather. We’ve got our own room, which is a really dead-space.

UWT – We look forward to seeing you and your “toy” at loop. Now, last but not least, if you could be any item of furniture in any place in the world what would be and where?

Brownian – Do you know what I’d f**king be, I’d be the queen’s toilet!

*more laughter*

Brownian – All right, not the toilet, just the toilet door so I could watch her taking a s**t. Yeah, I’d be the Queen’s toilet door.

UWT – So you could see the grittier side of the Queen?

Brownian – Just so I could see the Queen fully exposed, vulnerable, everything… because I reckon she does some nasty shits.

UWT – Brilliant, we look forward to hearing more from you and your inventions in the future! Any final words?

Brownian – Na.

Brownian – Eight download (right click to download)

The ideas for the blog have been pending for quite some time now as we mulled over what we really wanted put into it for people to get out of it. But it wasn’t until recently that it all came together and we got the intro we really wanted. We have several interviews with some of the most talented people and some great free downloads. I won’t give it away but we are totally psyched about what we have coming.

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