Gauntlet Hair – I Was Thinking…

Reminds me of some Animal Collective shouty vocals with this awesome chuggy guitar and drums section in there.


The video for Here We Go Magic‘s – ‘Collector‘ off the new album ‘Pigeons‘, directed by Nat Livingston Johnson and shot on the JVC Videomovie camera from 1984.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This guy Jordan Bee did something similar with an old video-camera to film one of Toro y Moi’s early shows around 6 months ago. Check it out.

Got a copy of the debut EP ‘Cliff‘ by Edmonton, Canada’s Kumon Plaza a couple of weeks ago on its release. The 7 track EP is essential 8-bit synth pop, but DO NOT FEAR! Although this “retro-fit” genre has become a common ground for anyone from your teenage neighbour with a cracked copy of fruityloops all the way to terrible bands such as Hadouken, what is abundantly different about Kumon Plaza to the prior mentioned “musicians” is he knows how to write music and he delicately constructs melodies into nostalgic synthetic instrumentation. His songs could easily be orchestrated for real instrumentation but what I really enjoyed about the EP was the depth to the structure played on simple sine waves and linndrum sounding rythmns layered with intricate samples that conjured up an compelling nostalgia. This one is not to be overlooked.


Kumon Plaza – Hans Kruger

If you’ve listened to what’s been said about musicians such as Toro y Moi, Washed Out and so on… you’ll most likely have heard them being referred to as something along the lines of “SXSW hype soon to be forgotten”.

If it didn’t show his depth and creativity enough being featured in the esteemed magazine ‘The Wire‘ this month just see for yourself what this guy can do in a couple of hours at San Francisco’s Different Fur Studios. [Filmed by Yours Truly]

We received another beautifully shot video from the guys at Extraneous Noise. This time of Neon Indian at Great Scott in Allston, MA playing the track ‘Should have taken acid with you’ as I’m sure you all know it’s off the debut LP Psychic Chasms.

Neon Indian know how to do it live; electronic music brought to life through analogue synths, live instrumentation, a full band and awesome sweatshirts (plus I didn’t see a laptop!)

Check out the rest of Extraneous Noise‘s video catalogue here for more brilliant bands playing in the Boston area.

Side note: If you’re in Boston and want a decent Guinness and to watch Arsenal go to Emmet’s, it was winner!

Love this track

A couple of weeks ago Blur released this new track as a free download from their website in exchange for your email address. I didn’t want to blog it straight away because I wasn’t sure if I’d dig it but having listen to it and wanting to listen to it more I think it’s great. Coming back with a over produced bang would have been shit, their down played “three-quarters finished” [Guardian] track is awesome.

Soda by Electric Sunset is a track from his self titled album out on LP/CD/Mp3 in September on K Records. Just got back from Japan and the suns out in Brighton. It just fits.


Electric Sunset – Soda

We know recently we at UnderwaterTiger have been slightly AWOL but this should explain it all.

Teej (one half of UnderwaterTiger) has been working on a collection of new music.

Here is his brilliant ‘Thirst EP’

click image to download

Having locked himself away in a bunker in the snow in Hokkaido, Northern Japan over the winter he recently emerged all bleary eyed with his debut offering ‘Thirst EP‘.
It combines 2 of the main things that have made the UK the fine young swimmer she is today:

  • Glitchy drum programming and squelchy layered synths.
  • It sounds like a sun ravaged beach covered in snow.

The 4 track EP is available to download for free by clicking HERE.
There are 100 limited edition handmade CDRs available (with 1 exclusive bonus track) from HERE

Teej – Slow Motion Summit

I got Chinoiseries and 1.0.8 when they came out. And some of it was pretty good. Today the sun is out and I get the new single from Onra, ‘Long Distance’ and it fits. The same production and beats that got me interested before but now with more of an 80’s funk thing going on. Check out the trailer below for his upcoming album, (also called Long Distance), and go and get a copy of the single today.


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